Foster With Detroit Alley Cats

Fostering Policy

If interested in fostering with Detroit Alley Cats, please review our fostering agreement outlined below.

This agreement is between Detroit Alley Cats and the Foster Parent. Detroit Alley Cats agrees to give the Foster Parent possession and control of foster cat/kitten contingent upon the terms outlined below. As a foster parent, you agree to the following terms:

Foster Care

  • Foster Parent must assume all responsibility for the cats wellbeing, including feeding them daily, keeping water bowls fresh, and providing adequate space for the cat/kitten to be comfortable.┬á
  • Detroit Alley Cats will donate 1 case of 24 cans of wet cat/kitten food, 1 small bag of litter, and any other necessary supplies such as bowls and a litter box to Foster Parent upon entering into this agreement.
  • All remaining food and litter must be provided by the Foster Parent for the duration of their time with you.
  • Cat/kitten must be kept primarily indoors and NOT left outside unsupervised, even in a fenced yard, for extended periods. If the Foster Parent does not have a fenced yard, the cat will live inside at all times and not be taken outside without a harness.
  • Comply with all state and local laws relative to the keeping and care of the animal.
  • Understand and agree to be responsible for arranging for the safe care of all foster cat(s) in the event of travel and agree to pay all related boarding expenses, or cats/kittens must be returned to us.
  • If any circumstance should arise that you can no longer foster our cat(s), we ask that you be respectful of Detroit Alley Cats limited capacity and allow us 1-2 weeks to locate another foster home.

Fostering Duration

  • Foster period can last from one week to several weeks depending on each individual situation – the age of the cat, their needs, and the availability of spay/neuter appointments.
  • Understand that you are making a commitment to fostering the cat(s) until he/she is of proper age, size and fitness to undergo surgery and be deemed adoptable and that at such time as Detroit Alley Cats deems appropriate.
  • When it comes to scheduling dates and times for our cats spay/neuter/vaccination appointment, we ask that you understand it is a waiting game. We are unable to guarantee any time frame for surgery dates due to the fact that it is 100% dependent on the availability of appointments with the veterinarian which we cannot predict. We do our absolute best to arrange appointments in a timely manner but we ask that you are able to remain patient and understanding during this process as it may take several weeks to complete.
  • Detroit Alley Cats will give at least 1 weeks advance notice of the scheduled spay/neuter appointment.

Medical Needs

  • Should the fostered cat display any signs of health issues, Foster Parent must notify Detroit Alley Cats immediately, and proceed with the care as instructed by Detroit Alley Cats.
  • Detroit Alley Cats agrees to cover the cost of any medical expenses incurred while in your foster care.
  • Foster Parent understands and agrees that Detroit Alley Cats will take every precaution necessary to ensure that the cat(s) are in reasonably good health prior to entering into this agreement. However, if unforeseen problems arise while cat/kitten is in your care, the Foster Parent is responsible for keeping the animal separated from any other resident pets (in cases of contagious and/or easily transmittable illnesses) and is also responsible for any medical needs of resident animals who are not Detroit Alley Cats as a result of such.
  • Scheduling of appointments including veterinary emergency care and virtual veterinary visits must be done by the Foster Parent.
  • Transportation to and from the veterinary clinic and to pick up medication prescribed by virtual veterinary service must be provided or arranged by the Foster Parent.


  • Foster Parent agrees to pick up the cat(s) at Detroit Alley Cats Southwest Detroit location and drop off cat(s) at the same location before 9:00 pm the night before the cat/kittens scheduled surgery.
  • Cat(s) must be transported in a cat carrier that is the appropriate size for the cat/kitten and/or litter. Carrier must be fully assembled prior to your arrival.
  • If Foster Parent does not own the appropriate size carrier, he/she may borrow a carrier from Detroit Alley Cats, which must be returned with the cat(s).


  • If Foster Parent should decide that they wish to adopt the cat/kitten they are fostering, they must enter retroactively into our Foster-To-Adoption agreement, of which all terms must be agreed to.
  • If medical expenses have incurred while the cat/kitten you wish to adopt was in your foster care that were covered by Detroit Alley Cats, the full amount must be reimbursed to Detroit Alley Cats.┬á
  • All reimbursements will be added to the Foster-To-Adoption fee, and must be paid in full upon completing the adoption.


  • Hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Detroit Alley Cats, and its Board of Directors, from any and all liability arising out of or in consequence of, or injury sustained as a result of, any activity connected with volunteering for Detroit Alley Cats as a foster home.
  • Foster Parent must assume all responsibility for damage caused by the animal either directly or indirectly while in the Foster Parents direct control.
  • Foster Parent must carry sufficient homeowners/renters insurance to cover injury or damage caused by a foster pet.