Looking Out For Our Feline Neighbors

Not all who wander are lost

Detroit Alley Cats is a cat rescue organization in Detroit, MI dedicated to improving the lives of feral cats in our community. We work to feed, fix, foster, adopt out, and build shelters for the homeless and displaced cats in our city.

We fund our efforts with kind donations, merchandise and limited edition pieces sold on our website.

To get involved with us or see how we can help the feral situation in the city of Detroit, please use our contact page or email detroitalleycatz@gmail.com. You may also directly apply to volunteer with us or fill out our TNR and surrendered cat intake form for help with your feral and displaced cats.

Interested in adopting? Please see our list of available cats and fill out our adoption application.

Rodenticide: Feral CatsÔÇÖ Biggest Enemy

There are numerable hazards that face our feline neighbors who live outside.  Although cars are very dangerous, cats can learn to avoid them. However, one hazard which outdoor cats may be particularly susceptible to is poisoning by rodenticides.  Rodenticides are available in forms that look and taste exactly like cat […]

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