Born out of the chaos that is a cats life on the streets of Detroit, we were brought together by our care and compassion for their rough lives outside. We formed our organization in Southwest Detroit to make their lives easier by feeding, fixing, building them shelters, and finding homes for as many as we can. 

Our work with the homeless cats includes TNR (Trap-neuter-return), fixing feral cats to humanely control their population. Fixed cats are returned to where they were taken from with their ear clipped – to mark that they have been fixed with TNR, and are feral. 

Our mission is to take as many cats as we can off the street and eliminate the suffering of those still homeless. Learn more about the measurable impact we have made on our statistics page.

Monetary donations and proceeds from our merchandise support cats in need of food, shelter, and medical care.

Interested in volunteering? Please apply here.

Need help with your colony or have a cat in the city of Detroit who needs a home? Please fill our TNR/Cat Surrender Intake Form.

Any other inquiries please use our contact page or email detroitalleycatz@gmail.com