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Please note that due to the high demand for young kittens, most of our kittens get adopted from our social media posts before making it to this page. Our cats must be fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested and microchipped to officiate the adoption, and kittens need to be at least 8 weeks for their spay/neuter procedure. To see kittens that will be soon available, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages.

All cats are negative for FIV/FeLV unless otherwise stated.


Herbie, male, DOB: 2021-22

Herbie, named after the Love Bug for his saccharine-sweet personality and for the way he curls up in your lap after eating chow, is another Detroit firehouse rescue cat. He is a 2-3 year old lanky tabby with the biggest biscuit-making mitts. If he had a spirit-human, it would be Sam Elliot with the confident, assured cowboy-esque swagger, and easy-going demeanor. When feeling the effects of the zoomies, his preferred method of travel is running under the couch upside-down back and forth. Herbie is also a true blue cuddler of a cat, a rare trait in adult felines, as we all know.

Great with cats, behavior with dogs unknown.

KitKat, female, DOB: 2022

Meet KitKat, a stunning dilute tortie with a Siamese-like face who was found on Belle Isle with her six one-week-old kittens. Now that her babies have found their forever homes, it’s KitKat’s turn! She completed her maternal duties and got spayed, no more babies or boyfriends for her, and is ready to be your pampered princess! She’s incredibly friendly, loves pets and scratches, and enjoys playing with wand and kicker toys. You’ll often find her perched at the window, watching squirrels and birds. Adopt KitKat and let her fill your home with love and joy!

Behavior with other cats and dogs unknown, but would most likely be best as a solo queen!

Mr. Mies, male, DOB: 2022

Meet Mr. Mies – a young male grey and white whose stripes are of a semi bangle pattern! Rescued from Lafayette Park by a couple renovating a condo designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

This cuddle bug needs a fur-ever lap to sleep on. He is friendly, comes when called and is most happy when he’s with his humans. Loves to rub on feet and legs.

NOT shy to any new contact with humans

Purrs easily and often

Loves his toys
Total sweetie pie. Good cat for first-timer or experienced cat owner.

Behavior with other cats and dogs unknown, but with a slow introduction, his personality is one of likely adaption!

Eggs, female, DOB: 4/22/24

Eggs is of the the “breakfast” litter – a bundle of 3 delights rescued near Midtown in the spring while their caretaker was looking for housing, and unfortunately the caretaker couldn’t find a place that allowed them to take all 3. Thankfully we were able to place them all with one of our fosters right at the beginning of kitten season. They have been thriving well in foster, growing to be healthy and robust little charms with even a polydactyl thrown in the mix!

Eggs the polydactyl is the silliest of the 3. Loves to play almost as much as food. Cuddles on the regular but also down for some intense zooming and climbing.

Sausage, female, DOB: April 22, 2024

Sausage is the cuddliest of the 3 breakfast litter girls and is very into being held and treated like a baby.

Catalina, female, DOB: mid December, 2024

Meet Catalina! Spotted last month trying to sneak into the Detroit firehouse very skinny and super friendly, a firefighter and friend of the rescue immediately rushed her to his house, gave her food, water and litter, and went back to work. Initially named Alina by her rescuer, her new foster updated her name to a more species specific “Cat”-alina! She’s been adjusting well in foster care since, and is an absolute lovebug! This social butterfly loves making new friends and will greet you with purrs and cuddles. Catlina is not only cute but also well-mannered, making her the perfect addition to any family. Whether she’s chasing a toy or lounging by your side, Catlina’s charming personality will bring joy and warmth to your life. 

Behavior toward other pets unknown.

Big Cheese, Male, 1 year, FIV+

Meet Big Cheese – everyone’s favorite! Rescued from the building being renovated on Field St., he came right up soon as he saw me from 100 feet away and waltzed right into the carrier. The first couple of days he was spraying excessively and meowing sadly out the window. Though this is typical behavior of unfixed males, we thought there was a chance he might not be suited indoors, so we brought him into walk-in TNR and they gave him the mandatory ear clip. Alas he also tested positive for FIV, so returning him is no longer an option. Thankfully though, the spraying has subsided. He is the absolute darling of a tomcat, joyfully jumping on my lap, tapping your chin when he’s in your arms, and overall loved by everyone. I was having an especially stressful week when I brought him in and he significantly lifted my spirits. This isn’t the first orange cat we’ve had like this, but something about him gives the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cat vibes more than anyone. He just pulls at your heartstrings like the scene of Cat found again in the rain after being thrown away. He will make someone very, very lucky and happy. Fixed, vaccinated, and FIV+ but FeLV negative.

Gets along with cats, behavior toward dogs unknown. Reduced adoption fee of $80.

Rose, female, 3.5 years

Rose, Yohualli’s mama, showed up on her caretakers Southwest Detroit doorstep asking for food and they started feeding her. It became apparent that she was heavily pregnant, and soon after she had her babies! She was a good mom to her babies and nursed them to completion, all of whom have been adopted except Yohualli. She loves to cuddle, follow her humans around, and is overall an easy going cat.

Good with cats, behavior toward dogs unknown.

Honey, male, 3 years

This spring we rescued a sweet little grey family of 3 from Southwest – the mom, dad and daughter! First we have Honey the dad who is the oldest at 3 years old. His name is so true when it comes to his personality because he’s a little honey bun! He loves being close and cuddling and looking into your eyes. He has thick chubby cheeks from living as an intact tomcat. They are now used for squeezing and kissing instead of protection for fighting in the alleys of Detroit. Honey would be best suited getting adopted in a home either on his own or with his daughter Garland as he is quite protective and territorial when it comes to meeting new cats, likely from his time living outside.

Marshall Meowthers, male, 3 years

Meet Marshall – M for short! From his caretaker: M found his way to our SW Detroit house last year. He was thin, dirty, and terrified of everyone. After a few dedicated months of feeding and enduring his anxious kitty slaps, he started to soften, his belly rounded, retreating to our deck/porch for sun naps and waiting for food, which, you will quickly learn, is the way to his heart.

M has an attitude and can be rather dramatic. He’s been known to pout until he gets what he wants which is, you guessed it, food and he’s really good at looking pathetic when in fact he is extremely capable and strong. But he has a goofy, playful, and lovey side that I have been so lucky to experience. He loves to “food boop” meaning when it’s time for food he gets so excited I  hold the can of food above his head and he stands on his hind legs to bump the can with his head. He loves to flop on your feet as you’re walking to remind you that he, is in fact, more important than whatever it is you’re doing.

With time M got used to my four indoor cats through the screens and windows. He often naps pressed against the back door while my cats also nap pressed against the other side. Oh, he’s also snuck into our neighbors house and when asked what he did once inside, I was sent photos of him taking a five hour nap on a guest bed.

M’s relationship with fellow feral cats, however, has not been as rosy. Though our neighborhood feeds all the strays, M has always felt that our house and surrounding area belong to him. This is likely how he sustained the injuries that required an emergency trip to the vet on 3/30. He had a bite wound through his cheek and several open wounds on his neck. Having never been in a trap, car or at the vet, M was calm and obedient. I could tell he was getting used to the peace that comes with being cared for.

Since leaving the vet, he has been resting in a peaceful, warm, and quiet bedroom and learned how to use the litter box. Being neutered is also likely to reduce his territorialism for multi pet households.

Jetsam and Flotsam, girl and boy, 7.5 months

Jetsam and Flotsam are an excellent bonded standard issue tabby pair who showed up one day on their foster’s porch in Bagley. They have been doing absolutely amazing in foster since and love to cuddle with their fosters tuxedo kitty Fizz.

Jetsam the girl is a petite cuddle bug who likes warm spots and crinkle balls when she feels playful. Shes extremely friendly with cats and dogs and like her brother doesn’t show much fear.

Flotsam the white nosed boy is absolutely fearless and always ready to play with Jetsam. He’s the one who was meowing on his foster’s porch with Jetsam meekly sitting under his car. He’s very brave and friendly and has a ton of energy. He loves being picked up and carried around or just snuggling in laps.

Aspen, female, 6 months, Special Case (shy)

Aspen from the East Side is a beautiful tuxedo kitty who is timid, loves playing with her cat friends and would need to have friends in her forever home. Aspen is an independent kitty who wants to be admired from afar. She prefers cats to humans (same). Although Aspen is slowly warming up to hanging out with humans, she will need a very patient and understanding forever home that will give her the time and space she desires. If your kitty needs a friend, look no further!!

Aspen absolutely loves other cats and will require at least one cat friend in her forever home. She loves laying in warm sunny spots and will follow the sun throughout the house each day. Aspen especially appreciates a window where she can sprawl out on a soft blanket and watch wildlife. If there is a wand toy present, Aspen is ready to pounce. Aspen is low maintenance, tidy and polite. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat friends, hanging out in her fuzzy hammock and chasing toys around the room.

Away on long trips? Worried about leaving your cat alone while on vacation? What about  long office hours? Look no further, Aspen is the purrfect cat for you and will fit in perfectly. Aspen would do best in a home with older kids that can provide space. She would also be a wonderful pet for any adult or senior citizen looking for a beautiful buddy. Reduced adoption fee of $60.

Jordie, female, 1 year

Jordie was found at the firehouse and she did not leave for days. She was quite friendly so one of our biggest supporters who is also a Detroit firefighter took her home. Jordie is an extroverted cat who loves attention and gets excited when people are around. She will chirp when approached, and loves a hearty petting, especially on the sides of her face. She will let you know when she is ready for playtime with a small bite, and her favorite toy is the laser pointer. She is very intelligent, and always working on opening up the treat container. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now! 

Melinda, female, 3 years, Special Case

Sweet Melinda came around in 2022 from Boston Edison with 3 of her kittens – all of whom have been adopted. She is a mild, reserved lady. She plays well with other cats and has never been aggressive or reactive. She isn’t shy but doesn’t crave human attention either or like being picked up or held. Though she doesn’t mind pets and rubs. Great for someone looking for a low-key cat. Since she’s not a cuddly cat, she has a special case discounted adoption fee of $80. She is fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative, microchipped and sooo ready for a forever home! 

Owl, female, 6 years, Special Case (shy)

Miss Owl was left outside in a carrier in the rain all night in front of DACC in 2021. She was shortly adopted in Hamtramck and she came in very scared and shy. When taken to get spayed, it turned out she already was, so she must’ve been someone’s pet, though she wasn’t microchipped. She preferred to live in one bedroom, her adopters office, and slowly got used to him and would sit on his lap during work from home pandemic time. The adopters had another lady cat at the time and Owl avoided her like the plague. They hissed if they made contact but didn’t fight. But recently, their other cat passed away and to their surprise, Owl started coming out of her room! She’s been having fun getting comfy in all corners of the house and has warmed up to people. She definitely needs to be an only cat though. Personality wise, she’s a big grumpy sausage that has grudgingly learned to like people. She likes snoozing in the sun, snuggling your feet at night, and climbing up into your lap for a few pats. Not too into toys unless it’s a string or a laser pointer, but she does love to tear up cardboard cat scratchers and do the post-poop zooms. She has grown on her humans very much but alas one of them developed terrible cat allergies recently, and needs to have a pet free home for a couple of years. Owl is a completely adoptable little chunk but will need time to warm up and single cat attention from her human. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and with a reduced adoption fee of $60.

Artemis, female, 1 year, Special Case (shy)

Artemis is a rare ginger girl of 1 year, rescued in Belle Isle last year with Shredder. She is an extremely effective huntress but can be somewhat scaredy of humans. She is highly energetic, intelligent, playful, and an entertaining companion once you gain her trust. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now! Reduced adoption fee of $60.
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