Adoptable Cats

Please note that due to the high demand for young kittens, most of our kittens get adopted from our social media posts before making it to this page. Our cats must be fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested and microchipped to officiate the adoption, and kittens need to be at least 8 weeks for their spay/neuter procedure. To see kittens that will be soon available, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Gapsky and Marge, 10 weeks, bonded pair

Gapsky and Marge – a bonded pair from our first litter of the season from Brewster Douglas have finally been spayed and neutered and are ready for their forever homes! Their essential vetting appointment had kept getting postponed due to their chronic upper respiratory infections, which they are all clear of now. Also Gapsky had a terrible eye infection and for a while we were told there was a chance he could lose his eye. But thanks to his devoted foster, his eye is good as new! These guys would thrive best as a pair and they get along with fosters other pets in the house – including a dog. They are playful, energetic and very sweet! A hefty 10 weeks old now. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now.

Bill Burr, male, 1 year

Bill Burr! Named for the burrs found in his tail when he first showed up last August in University District, and deemed more appropriate when rescued and he let everyone know how vocal he was. A very talkative kitty! He is also extremely friendly, loving and will make a wonderful lap kitty. Allows himself to be picked up, though not for very long. Has a bushy tail and super soft fur. Loves people and being pet and is super food motivated. Was originally trapped for possibly TNR, but became his foster’s special project and he spent months earning his trust to find him a forever home. The socialization has paid off well and he is now a perfectly loving kitty! Might still hiss hello, but that’s just a front. He is adorable! Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!

Geofrina, female, 1.4 years

Meet Geoffrina, the latest graduate of the Special Case Program! Geoffrina came from an industrial area not far from the refinery in Southwest Detroit. The caretaker of her colony was adamant that she needed to be adopted, so we took her in to the adoption program, but she immediately found the best hiding place and stayed there for a whole year. Finally, she started to show her face and after several more months of being shy but curious, she is now an effervescent ball of purring fluff. She will vocalize her affection in chirps and meows, demand scritches and cuddles, and break out into play at the drop of a hat. She complains when you first pick her up but as soon as she’s in your arms she’s purring and cooing. Fixed, vaccinated, microchipped and FIV/FeLV negative!

Little John, male, 3 years, Special Case

Little John, aka “Goop” is a rapidly adjusting 3 year old male from University District. He came in extremely spicy with a severe eye infection that is still healing. Long term eye condition is not known, but his vet suggested eye should be fine in the long term. He is still being socialized but is making great strides. He was scared and aggressive upon intake and suspected to have been abused or treated very poorly in his past. After several weeks of calm, consistent behavior he is now accepting of pets, no longer hisses, and loves other kitties. He never hissed or swatted once at his fosters many house cats that toured him in his healing cage. He can be picked up as of recently. He will be available for adoption after a little bit more work, and is currently receiving daily kitty prozac that’s helping him get over the hump. By no means a typical adoption – but this is sometimes what a kitty truly in need looks like – injured internally and externally. He went in as a TNR but in his condition he would not do well released back outside. He would need time to adjust to a new home, and should be one that has other cats who like other kitties. His adoption fee will be sponsored. Fixed, vaccinated, and FIV/FeLV negative. Anyone out there who can open their heart and home to this sweet deserving boy?

Owl, female, 6 years, Special Case (shy)

Miss Owl was left outside in a carrier in the rain all night in front of DACC in 2021. She was shortly adopted in Hamtramck and she came in very scared and shy. When taken to get spayed, it turned out she already was, so she must’ve been someone’s pet, though she wasn’t microchipped. She preferred to live in one bedroom, her adopters office, and slowly got used to him and would sit on his lap during work from home pandemic time. The adopters had another lady cat at the time and Owl avoided her like the plague. They hissed if they made contact but didn’t fight. But recently, their other cat passed away and to their surprise, Owl started coming out of her room! She’s been having fun getting comfy in all corners of the house and has warmed up to people. She definitely needs to be an only cat though. Personality wise, she’s a big grumpy sausage that has grudgingly learned to like people. She likes snoozing in the sun, snuggling your feet at night, and climbing up into your lap for a few pats. Not too into toys unless it’s a string or a laser pointer, but she does love to tear up cardboard cat scratchers and do the post-poop zooms. She has grown on her humans very much but alas one of them developed terrible cat allergies recently, and needs to have a pet free home for a couple of years. Owl is a completely adoptable little chunk but will need time to warm up and single cat attention from her human. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and with a reduced adoption fee of $60.

Yin-Yang, male, 2-3 years

Meet Yin-Yang, another SUPER friendly Dexter-Linwood colony male cat that so desperately wants to be an inside cat! Gets along with most cats except dominant males. Isn’t afraid of dogs, but will tell them to back off if they get too close! Greets EVERYONE at his caretakers front door and talks to them all day through their windows! Fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, FIV/FeLV negative and available now. 

Shredder, male, 2 years

Shredder is a young lady of 2 years born near Belle Isle by a stray mama that was taken in by her caretakers, unaware that she came with passengers! She is a brave explorer and her favorite toys are human limbs! But she is a calm cuddle buddy when you show her affection and she in turn will show you her belly. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now! 

Artemis, female, 1 year

Artemis is a rare ginger girl of 1 year, rescued in Belle Isle last year with Shredder. She is an extremely effective huntress but can be somewhat scaredy of humans. She is highly energetic, intelligent, playful, and an entertaining companion once you gain her trust. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!