Adoptable Cats

Please note that due to the high demand for young kittens, most of our kittens get adopted from our social media posts before making it to this page. Our cats must be fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested and microchipped to officiate the adoption, and kittens need to be at least 8 weeks for their spay/neuter procedure. To see kittens that will be soon available, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Flame, 1.5 years, female

Flame is a mega beautiful young 1.5 year old female with spunk, playfulness and cuddles for days! She was being cared for in an outdoor colony near Palmer Park until her caretaker “saw her flaunting her stuff on the corner” in front of some male cats when she was just under a year, so she brought her inside and could only keep her in a crate for 6 months while awaiting spay and after, not wanting to let her loose in hopes of her finding a foster and forever home. Thankfully she did find a foster and Flame has absolutely flourished since! One of the top cat personalities her foster has ever come across! She is really a people cat and a cats cat. Everyone who meets her falls in love and admires her beauty and her cute, short stubby legs. She loves to play and snuggle her cat roommates so her fosters would like to see her go to a home with another cat or cats ideally. Spayed, fully vetted, loves wet food and toys, and an excellent litter box user.

Sammy, 10 months, male

This 10 month old man is one of the best cat personalities his foster has ever had the pleasure of hosting! He’s affectionate, not shy around new people, playful, silly, curious and extremely smart! He may even have the capacity to be an adventure cat (if his forever parent finds that he likes outings). He was found on the far west side of Detroit and his original finder was going to adopt him from his temporary foster but sadly that fell through due to no fault of Sammy. He gets along amazingly well with his foster siblings, is curious about dogs and may even do well with a calm dog at home. He took almost no time to adjust to his foster home where he is now enamored with Flame. He is neutered, vetted, vaxed and expertly uses litter boxes.

The Healing Crew – 2 males, 2 females, 6 months – 2 years

The healer crew! These 3 of these sweet dolls were dumped outside of a community mental health center in Islandview in August. They have been faring well in foster and radiate mega cuddle healing frequencies! They have socialized well and outgrown their shyness. They are closely bonded, especially the girls with the girls and the boys with the boys.
Mila the shorthqair grey tabby is older than the others and was found in Highland Park, about 2 years old, and has become like a mom to the rest. She is the most affectionate and Brave.
Angelica the calico was a little shy but now lets her foster pick her up. Is a super gentle angel, hence her name! She is often found trying to nurse on Mila. 
Frederick is the bigger orange tabby and has the orange nose. He can still be shy of pets but is the braver of the boys. He loves to play and smell hands outstretched to him. 
Foley the smaller orange tabby is super bonded to Frederick. He loves to play and acts the most like a little kitten! He is comfortable letting the foster watch him play but would run away from pets in the beginning.

Oreo – 6-8 months – Female

Oreo wound up in a Rosedale backyard practically begging for pets! She is estimated 8-10 months old with a very sweet and active temperament. She doesn’t mind being picked up and will purr for all of your attention. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!

Smore – male, 7 months

Smore is a SUPER QTP2T and top notch peak orange kitty. If you missed your chance to adopt our last orange wizard kitten here is your chance for a 7 month old version of Forest. Rescued in Rosedale Park this summer as part of a litter from a stray with very devoted caretakers, they wanted to keep him but one of the cats in their house just doesn’t jive with him. He absolutely LOVES Oreo though, his foster mate, they are bonded but at this age we can separate them as long as they both go into homes where they’ll have other playmates. He is full of never ending energy and most certainly needs a playmate wherever he goes. He is always running around, making silly noises, and getting into all sorts of stuff. Absolutely loves to sit on your arms or lap and purr and drool all over you all day. He is good with other cats but is a real boundary buster, as typical of the orange boys. If you need a pair that the most dynamic of duos please consider adopting him and Oreo together!


Nora is a shy kitten that likes to take a lot of naps and window watch. She will do well in a quiet home. She will require gentle handling.


Nellie is a very affectionate cat that loves attention and being around people. She is pretty vocal and enjoys talking. She is always happy to see you and does will with other cats as well. She also loves being pet as much as possible especially if she hasn’t seen you for a few hours.

Donna – female – 3 years

Donna was rescued very pregnant in Highland Park and gave birth in her foster home in April. Babies have all been adopted leaving just her! She is a sassy miss who will hiss at other territorial females, but is otherwise good with most other cats. She likes her space, but is also vies for human attention. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!

Geofrina, female, 1.4 years

Meet Geoffrina, the latest graduate of the Special Case Program! Geoffrina came from an industrial area not far from the refinery in Southwest Detroit. The caretaker of her colony was adamant that she needed to be adopted, so we took her in to the adoption program, but she immediately found the best hiding place and stayed there for a whole year. Finally, she started to show her face and after several more months of being shy but curious, she is now an effervescent ball of purring fluff. She will vocalize her affection in chirps and meows, demand scritches and cuddles, and break out into play at the drop of a hat. She complains when you first pick her up but as soon as she’s in your arms she’s purring and cooing. Fixed, vaccinated, microchipped and FIV/FeLV negative!

Little John, male, 3 years, Special Case

Little John, affectionately known as “Goop,” was discovered by a neighbor of his fosters in February 2023 with a severely injured eye. Since then, he has blossomed under their care, overcoming deep trauma likely caused by previous abuse. Little John, once defeated and scared, has transformed into an extremely affectionate snuggle bug. He shares a special bond with his fosters’ youngest kitty, Theo, and has shown no aggression towards other cats.
After consulting with an eye specialist, the root cause of Little John’s eye issues was identified. He underwent recent eye surgery to correct an eyelid problem that caused constant irritation. Currently recovering, he wears a cone of shame but is expected to be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.
While the fosters will be sad to see him go, they are confident that the right person will come along and provide Little John with a loving forever home. Despite his past challenges, he deserves nothing less, and the fosters eagerly anticipate the day he finds a family that will cherish him for the rest of his days.

Owl, female, 6 years, Special Case (shy)

Miss Owl was left outside in a carrier in the rain all night in front of DACC in 2021. She was shortly adopted in Hamtramck and she came in very scared and shy. When taken to get spayed, it turned out she already was, so she must’ve been someone’s pet, though she wasn’t microchipped. She preferred to live in one bedroom, her adopters office, and slowly got used to him and would sit on his lap during work from home pandemic time. The adopters had another lady cat at the time and Owl avoided her like the plague. They hissed if they made contact but didn’t fight. But recently, their other cat passed away and to their surprise, Owl started coming out of her room! She’s been having fun getting comfy in all corners of the house and has warmed up to people. She definitely needs to be an only cat though. Personality wise, she’s a big grumpy sausage that has grudgingly learned to like people. She likes snoozing in the sun, snuggling your feet at night, and climbing up into your lap for a few pats. Not too into toys unless it’s a string or a laser pointer, but she does love to tear up cardboard cat scratchers and do the post-poop zooms. She has grown on her humans very much but alas one of them developed terrible cat allergies recently, and needs to have a pet free home for a couple of years. Owl is a completely adoptable little chunk but will need time to warm up and single cat attention from her human. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and with a reduced adoption fee of $60.

Artemis, female, 1 year

Artemis is a rare ginger girl of 1 year, rescued in Belle Isle last year with Shredder. She is an extremely effective huntress but can be somewhat scaredy of humans. She is highly energetic, intelligent, playful, and an entertaining companion once you gain her trust. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!