Adoptable Cats

Please note that due to the high demand of kittens, 95% of our kittens get adopted from our social media posts before making it to this page. Our cats need to be fixed, vaccinated and microchipped before becoming available for adoption, and kittens need to be at least 8 weeks for their spay/neuter procedure. To see kittens that will be soon available, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Jerry & Elaine, 1 year, bonded pair

Jerry and Elaine are a loving dynamic duo from New Center. 1 year old and highly bonded, both get along great with other kitties though Elaine is afraid of a Chihuahua. They are both social though Jerry is the more outgoing one. Both are super playful and love affection. Jerry has an eartip – a TNR that was too sweet to return. 

Chase, male, 1 year

Sweet Chase was taken in at the end of last year, had spent several months indoors, but his finder due to unforeseen circumstances couldn’t keep him any longer. He is extremely sweet and not at all feral, but his behavior, as with many rescues, is that of a cat that likely suffered some hardship. He is timid and withdrawn at first, spending his first few days cooped up in hiding. But he doesn’t run away when you pet him and finds himself enjoying a warm human touch. Once he gets comfortable he starts playing and is curious about other cats. He mainly keeps to himself and has never caused any trouble. His personality really comes out once he feels loved. Won’t anyone give this precious boy the good care he deserves? Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and microchipped.

Virgil, male, 7 years, FIV+

Good sweet old boy Virgil is now fixed and ready for his forever home! Rescued in University District last year, he was a longtime known stray in the neighborhood. He is 7 years old, faintly positive for FIV, but otherwise in great health. This boy is sweet and gentle as can be, wants to be around people and to be loved. He wants to be around his humans all the time and has the loudest purrs. FIV kitties can live long and healthy lives just as well as normal kitties as long as they’re kept indoors. This boy is a true teddy bear and will be soothing company as a solo cat and a nice calm companion to other FIV+ cats. Won’t anyone take this sweet retired king as their own?

Peggy, female, 1 year

Meet pretty Peggy from West Village! Her finders took her in to keep her warm, but as much as they wanted to, they couldn’t keep her due to having 3 cats already. She is sweet, affectionate and very vocal, making some adorable little sounds! She is estimated to be about 1 year old. Though she is very affectionate toward humans, she doesn’t tolerate her fosters’ 3 male cats at all. Her foster thinks she would do best as an only child, with all the love to give to her human! She is fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!

Gregory, male, 1 year

We are so proud of our Sir Gregory who has graduated from special case to specially social! In the last few months he’s turned from negative charisma to social excellence. Rescued at the beginning of the year with the haters Colin and Caley he was mostly hiding through life. We didn’t have much hope of him ever becoming a lap cat, but here he is now the ultimate cuddle buddy! He craves human attention and will go up to you for pets. He comes when called and will chirp and roll up in your lap whenever he can. Gets along great with other cats and is frequently found snuggling other grey ones. He has a strong, distinct personality and makes his presence known. He might take extra time to get adjusted, so we are keeping his adoption fee at a discounted $100. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!

Brunhilda, female, 1 year

Meet Brunhilda! Rescued from the streets of the Southwest, she is a gentle young lady of 6 months. She is curious and calm, though slightly timid and sensitive. She loves being pet when lying down but doesn’t like being approached when she’s walking around until she’s used to you. She spends most of her time perched in the central seat of the cat tree looking out at everyone. She is neutral with other cats, doesn’t fight but doesn’t cuddle or play much with anyone either. Since she is slightly scared and would need more time to be comfortable in a new home, we are listing her as a Special Case adoption with a reduced adoption fee. But once she becomes imprinted on you, she will love and bond with you in her own way. Fixed, vaccinated, FIV/FeLV negative and available now!